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Well, school was to resume yesterday. <pauses to let the Northerners and Midwesterners laugh for a bit> Yea…that did not go according to plan. I was largely unperturbed by the cancellations as they–well, let’s be honest here–they really just delayed the inevitable. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I lost hold of my sanity and mental faculties. It was all quite disturbing. In the throes of my breakdown, I enrolled in a class. A class that starts at 0800. If you can imagine the most chipper of individuals, the morning-est of morning persons–that is not me. I am a creature of the night, of the wee hours.

Conversely, I am truly excited about the course. It’s being taught by a friend of mine (J. Fisch-Ferguson, author and co-editor of Enter the Moon, whom you can find over here) and its focus is on short stories and actually sending them out to publications. My family has been encouraging me for a while to start seriously writing, so I’m testing the waters…at 8:00 AM…in 2-degree weather. It’s like the schedulers don’t even know writers. I should request hot cocoa and blankets for this class. Or I suppose I could bring some…

Other than that, I’m taking Neurolinguistics and a LIN elective titled “Doctor Doolittle Deluded.” You guessed it. I’m taking the latter for its name. For now, that’s it. Just those three. I’m kind of excited by the easier semester. It may set me back a tad, but I think I can live with that.


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I am a linguist taking an editing course. That makes sense, right? The Train of Thought has to pull in to the Station of Probability somewhere along the line. My future–as is anyone’s–is fluid, at least to my eyes. I could help my sister in her bakery; I could graduate with a Master’s in Russian and move overseas or to Washington, D.C., to work in some diplomatic capacity; I could follow the linguistic path and become a semanticist, teaching in a university while researching my own theories; I could focus on the English and editing courses that I’ve taken and make a name for myself in the publishing industry, preferably under the banner of TOR; I could continue to interpret while pursuing other interests (mostly languages) at my current university. My desired outcome, though, is this: I could do any or all of these things while being a writer. Strike that. I could do any or all of those things while being a published writer. I can be a writer now; I do not have to wait for the future to become the present to do that. Whatever course my life takes, I am certain that publication will be a part of it. I may attempt to publish my own works of fiction or semantic theories. I may edit those of someone else. Whichever ends up happening, I want to be ready for it and developmental editing is a part of that preparation.

What is it that I want from this class? The secrets of the universe! Too high? Very well. I want to build on the foundation that has been forming since the first time my mother read to me. I want to be able to take my instincts and opinions about a book and turn them into a cohesive, professional address, to give reason to the vague senses that I have when reading a new book. I want to be able to stun the world with my first novel. I want to make some other writer’s dream come true. I want to rock the semantic field with my first thesis. Still too high? Maybe. Let’s simplify it. I want to be heard. It could be through my own work or through someone else’s. Who hasn’t read a book or listened to a song and immediately told someone else about it because you loved it so much? Often times, we do that because that author or artist said what we wanted to say only so much better than we could have said it. If you search YouTube for marriage proposals done to Bruno Mars’ song ” Marry You,” you’ll be there for a while. We have T-shirts, mugs, and all sorts of paraphernalia plastered with quotations. Sometimes we just like the words; sometimes they tell us something of which we had not previously thought; and sometimes we had that thought, but never had the wherewithal to voice it and we want people to know that we agree with it.

Developmental editing is another tool that I wish to add to my mental toolbox. What its use will be, I do not know as yet. For the time being, I need to learn how to use that tool properly. Copy-editing taught me form. I hope that developmental editing will teach me function. It is one thing to know the proper grammar of a language; it is something else entirely to use that knowledge well. There are great thoughts out there that are waiting to be heard. Even if they seem infantile or enigmatic to you or me, those thoughts are great to someone. Editing is key to letting those ideas be heard.

That is what I want.


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