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I’ve been organizing my scribbles. The notebook that I took with me to Ireland has quite a few scrawled throughout it and I’m just now getting them into Word. Having told you of my obsession with “Supernatural” and Cas, I thought that this piece was quite relevant. I wrote it before I was taken with the affliction. The Archangel Michael is the protector; I started thinking about what it would be like if he found us unworthy of his protection. It’s a one-sided dialogue. Yes, it was intended to be that way. Enjoy.


Millennia from now, if asked the same question, I will answer just as I do at this moment: No, I have no regrets. My journey was not perfect; there were things I did not do and people I did not meet. In all honesty, though, I think those seeming imperfections came together to form perfection. Without them, I could have done my part and gone.

Perhaps, yes. If I had met all of the right people, as you say, things may have been different. But it would have been a lie. Is that what you would have? No. I think not. I did meet some of those who were considered great and righteous. When they were alone their greatness fell away as if it were no more than a paper mask. Beneath it they were no different from any other soul.

Good? In a sense, I suppose, but not in the way you intend. It opened my eyes, this shedding of one character to reveal another.

Oh, yes, you are. All of you—your actions, your passions, your attire—all of it is carefully crafted to show others what you want them to see or what you think they want to see. If each of you lived as you are, this world would be dark indeed.

There is no light! You have destroyed every last glimmer that ever appeared in this miserable place. Each new spark is met with disdain and fear. What frightens you? It must be the knowledge that if you let light in it will change you. Or worse. It will make you see that you are each merely vain shells of the incredible beings you were created to be. Yes. That must be it. You would see how greatly you have failed and I doubt you could live with that much disappointment.

How many more chances will you need? Have you any idea how many you have had already? Thousands! Millions! Each of you is born into this life as hope, a hope that maybe this time you will succeed. But no. Instead you go on to become corruption. You soil all that you touch. Even the purest love is turned to the vilest contempt when placed in your clutching grasp. You are filled with greed and hate. You battle over land that has been its own from before the first dawn of this sun. You kill in the names of deities who would sooner see you locked in a bare room to save the world from your ravings. You are a disease.

Me? I am he who will do what no other will. I will cleanse this world so that a new hope may rise, untainted and strong. My sword gleams in the blackness of your sin. I will break down your walls. I will cleave your frail bodies in twain. I will watch as your souls are judged and your just reward crashes down upon you. Know your fate and he who brings it to pass. I am the Archangel Michael and ever will I serve him who sent me!


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It has come to my attention that perhaps part of the reason why I struggle with maintaining a blog such as this is that I take it too seriously. Months before New Year’s, then, I am making a resolution. This blog shall be filled with the meaningless ramblings of my own mind, be they observations of humanity’s daily life, clothing styles, or lack of ability to speak. Come to think of it, that may be closer to what was intended at the beginning.

The first observation is this: If you must lay your bicycle on the ground in order to dismount it, your pants may be too tight.

I spent some time loitering outside the doors of one of the buildings on my college’s campus the other day. There’s a parking lot for bicycles–you know, the inverted u bars cemented into the ground. It was very entertaining to watch several folks try to park their vehicles. With each awkward attempt, it made me very glad that I wear my pants a little on the baggy side.

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