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Procrastination is a virtue. Somewhere. I have to believe that.

Things change. Our universe is in constant flux. Sometimes, the changes are minuscule; other times, they’re monumental. What’s really interesting is the way in which we notice the changes. I have a friend, a best friend, whom I’ve not seen in years. She stopped by to visit recently as she was passing through on her way home. She’s a wife and mother now, mother of two. We’ve talked on the phone, once or twice on Facebook. It never seemed to matter then that we had changed. Yet, sitting in my living room, chatting about mundane things, it occurred to me that we were so very different from who and what we had been in the past.

Changes have a tendency of sneaking up on one. You don’t always know that change is coming; the times that you do know beforehand – well, they never seem to go in just the direction that you thought they would. I’ve started noticing a lot of changes of late. Some happened years ago, some are happening now, others are up ahead and I know they’re coming. I still break down into tears over a few of them, laugh and do my happy dance for a few, and mostly anxiously await those that are still to come.

For something that is so very constant, it’s awfully fluid.



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