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Most folks sing in the shower. That’s a bit mainstream for me, though. You know what I do?

<best Japanese accent> Special attack! <dramatic martial arts moves> Ice shine!

If you’re wondering what that looks like, well, it’s a mixture of Grey (from Fairy Tail) and Armstrong (from Fullmetal Alchemist). Let’s see. The first part is serious, mimicking Grey’s fist-in-open-palm motion; then both hands slick back the hair and a sparkling pose is struck, mimicking Armstrong. Simplified here, but it’s pretty amazing.

Have I always done this? No. Truth be told, I did not discover this shampoo/conditioner until recently. My hair’s kept short, so it takes me a while to go through shampoo. It was finally time to buy more, so I went to the store.

Pause. I rhymed! Done.

The hair products aisle is always daunting for me. I just want shampoo. I don’t care if it’s for curly hair, dyed hair, red hair, frizzy hair–I just want my hair clean. However, I saw this clear bottle on the shelf: Ice Shine.

Apparently there’s no silicone in it. I have no idea what that means for my hair, but I’m guessing I am safer now than I was.

There I am, standing in front of the shelves like a drowning cat, staring at this bottle. You know what was going through my head? See the second sentence of this post. Yes, I developed a special move while standing in the aisle. Quickest shopping trip ever. I don’t tend to buy things based on name, but I did this time.

My hair doesn’t feel any different. Who knows? Maybe it’s healthier at a structural level. All I care about is that my Ice Shine move can blind enemies as far away as 30 yards. it’s all in the control. Stronger motions mean a wider radius. I can direct my attack into a beam for further effectiveness, though this is best kept within 10 yards.

Moral of the story: Anime and martial arts movies can change your life.


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