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Just a tip: If passers-by find themselves singing along to the music that is playing on your headphones, the music may be a tad too loud.

Granted, this makes walking about campus a bit of fun if I’ve forgotten my own iPod. It becomes truly bothersome when I can sing along to your music while I’m listening to mine. Seriously. It’s happened.

Let’s just think for a moment what it’s doing to you, though. Sure, you’re now defined by the music blaring out of your headphones–we all know now that you’re a gangsta or a diva. Thirty or forty years from now, though? You’ll be that older guy walking around confused and angry because you can’t hear a damn thing anymore. That’s right. You won’t even be a senior citizen yet. Just a middle-aged, screamin’ firestorm waiting to rain down destruction on anyone and everyone. Think about it. Is that really what you want? Personally, we have enough of those. It would be great if we could have fewer in the years to come.


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It has come to my attention that perhaps part of the reason why I struggle with maintaining a blog such as this is that I take it too seriously. Months before New Year’s, then, I am making a resolution. This blog shall be filled with the meaningless ramblings of my own mind, be they observations of humanity’s daily life, clothing styles, or lack of ability to speak. Come to think of it, that may be closer to what was intended at the beginning.

The first observation is this: If you must lay your bicycle on the ground in order to dismount it, your pants may be too tight.

I spent some time loitering outside the doors of one of the buildings on my college’s campus the other day. There’s a parking lot for bicycles–you know, the inverted u bars cemented into the ground. It was very entertaining to watch several folks try to park their vehicles. With each awkward attempt, it made me very glad that I wear my pants a little on the baggy side.

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